When I realize the fact that someones watching me, I involuntarily start to shiver. I can’t live with the thought that modern technologies that we use in our everyday life are at bottom of fact playing roles of transmitters which can help somebody watching you. Telephone companies has a right to listen and record you talks on telephone, internet provider has a right to scan your IP adress and see what exactly you’re doing in the web,  cell companies  can watch with IMEI code of your mobile phone. Well, seems like the world goes straightly to hell, because this thing reminds me a bible story which tolds about so-called “devil stamp”. This is the age of one man empire, in this age people will be forced to dope a special chip under the skin witch will control your life totally. Anyway, I don’t wanna be pessimistic, the only one thought that make me happy is that I’m not alone.


Definitely yes! I was kinda amazed when I heard that the course somehow will be leaking in net with the help of weblogs. Truly, when I took this course I had no idea what it’s gonna be about. Weblogs is very convenient way to study, but for me it is very comfort too. I use internet everyday, surf a bunch of sites and it’s becoming boring to me to spend my time in the web, so weblogs is the new and interesting thing to me and considering that this is a course it’s motivates me too. Also I knew a lot about watchdogs, and I understand the role of them in the journalism. The way the course is constructed, helped me to learn how to search for sources and be well informed.

Myths about BEER!

April 16, 2007

                After a hard working hours, in the evning or maybe in the company of our friends we cannot resist the temtation to open the bottle of beer to make our life time more pleasent and communication with friends more easier…

Most people erroneously think that beer is harmless drink and even sometimes its health-giving with no psychological and physical  dependence. Well, they’re wrong, and I’m going to break such kind of myths about beer further in this article.

 Myth # 1 “Beer consist of health-giving components”

Barley is a raw material for making beer, which really contents such health-giving components such as protein, carbohydrate, fat and even vitamins. But! During the fermentation process this components are activly used for growing by microorganisms.

Moreover, beer is has strong diuretic effect which causes a washing out of humans organism useful substances such as potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Potassium deficit leads to heart rhytm violation, muscle weakness and dehydration of skin.

Magnesium deficit makes you irritable and unstable to stress situations.

Vitamin C deficit weakens your imunnitet.

 Myth # 2 “Little dose of alcohol which contents in beer positively influence on cardiovascular system”

The basic components of this drink are water (91-93%), carbohydrate (1,5-4,5%), ethyl alcohol (3-7%) and nitrogenated substances (0,2-0,65%).

Beer assimilates quikly and overloads organism with liquid, that leads to increasing of the size of heart.

Most of the scientists confirm that systematic use of beer leads to cardiovascular deseases.

Myth # 3. “Beer – the drink of real men”

In men and women organism there’re the norm of puber garmons.

The systematic use of beer leads to violation of this norm.

This causes an allocation of the substance which suppress an allocation of testosterone(men’s puber garmone). This leads to incresing of estrogen (women’s puber garmone) that causes the increasing of breast and stomach. Also this causes the decreasing of man’s potency.

Myth # 4. “Beer is not exactly an alcohol so it’s impossople to have physical dependce.”

Beer is an alcohol. It contains and ethyl alcohol which leads to dependence.

Alcohol dependce during the use of beer is a real thing as if you drink vodka or whiskey.

Struggle against beer dependence much more harder that against spirits.

Because so-called “beer alcoholism” is the hardest type of this pathology.

To drink or not to drink?

Ofcourse YOU should decide.

But life is beautiful and there’re so many good and interesting things.

Is it really possiple to fix all problems with the bottle of beer?

Is it really necessary to “flood” such interesting communication with friends?

Can beer scum be more pure and softer than littoral wave?

Just try to enjoy this world as usual – without hop and malt.

Wiki experience.

April 6, 2007

We’ve done with the first few steps in our wiki project, well I’m wating for replyes and editings. I was really happy when i saw our wiki in a big screen in the class and Frederick Emrich wrote something, ok now I see, how could we forget to include The Clash in our project, for me it’s the greatest punk rock band of 70’s and 80’s. Another such band just couldn’t exist in our world, and I’m very happy that kimep has such instructors as Frederick, I know that there not so many people in this city who know who The Clash are and it’s some kind of a pleasure to meet such people. Also we’ve got a few comments that site is very interesting and so on. I surfed other wiki’s of our class and made few editings, I very like the wiki about cartoons, continue in this way guys, we will always be kids inside 🙂

Wiki… How it was.

April 4, 2007

Well it’s was very interesting for me to get this assignment, because every person in this world interested in something and know a little bit more than other, and it’s a great pleasure for me to let everybody know about and share with information i know and i interested in.

Me and Elina, we had no discussions on what the topic should be, we’ve allready knew “Rock music of 80’s” would be both interesting and entertaining for us and maybe other people. I said maybe, because the population of rock listeners mybe 10% of all population.  Also while surfing for information about bands i found out bunch of new things for me and i want to say that this wiki project was very useful and it helped me to increase my knowledge in intereseting sphere for me.   

Anna Politkovskaya were found dead in her own house, near her not breathing body handgun “Makarov” and couple gun sleeves. Well,  they’ve taken away another life of truthspeaker. That’s funny because we’re all know and we’re all hate lie, but there’s no other way because since you open your truthfuly mouth you got the bullet in your head instead of a medal for courage.

The CEO of Journalists Union of Russia Igor Yakovenko said: “I think that for the first time they stroked the blow in the very heart of Russian journalism” But I can say that this is a blow to freedom of press in the whole world. Anna was going to finish her article about inquisitions in Chechnya and Russian govevrnment thinks that Cechnians goverement is somehow relates to her murder and her big discovery in Chechnya.

 Well smells like the authorities of both sides were pleased with this case, they all got their benefit from it, or maybe it helped them not to reduce their benefits. The interesting fact is that tapes from the video cameras installed in her house and the only one witness of the murder should be in the police archives till the end of the investigation of this tradegy, but somehow the next day, the whole ex USSR could see it on the famous talk show. (gazeta.ru). Looks like prevention: “Hey guys, you were observed, you should do something quickly, till they haven’t found you.

 We all read fairy tales and we all know that maybe evil has more power and much more warriors, but in the end it will be beaten by the army of light truth and love…

My Community: ??????

February 21, 2007

Well it’s a hard topic and there’s no statements i can really say of this. I never felt myself like a part of any community, I mean I know really few people that are potentially can be this community. Ofcourse the main point is interests, such as good rock music, and really different life values. And as i have allready said, finger of my one arm is totally enough to count those people.

I don’t really want to criticise any other people, i just don’t like all these waves, trying to be a someone who is allready exist in this world, and i’m not trying to buy love for money.

It’s all about life…

February 1, 2007

Sometimes people forget about this great present, they live, they solve problems, they act the way like it’s normal, and they don’t hold the thoughts what a beautiful thing life is…

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
(John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy”
English singer & songwriter (1940 – 1980))


I think music can say a lot about me or about you, about our values and how we see the world. Music sets te rules and we can set music as a rule, we can use it to lead, because since very beginning of a human nature music is the main part of our life. And different music borns in us different personalities. “Money can’t buy me a love..” (Beatles). Early 80s. Beatles are the guyes that totally changed people’s view. I thing i can call it Beatles Age or Beatles Era, the whole world was amazingly looking up and smile, people starting to loose their material problems, people starting to hear bird singing and all the beauty we’re surrounded. Thank you guys, you showed us where’s the main point and where’s not. And as the whole world put down their hands and starting to listen to beautiful songs we can make people to put their guns and listen to a sound.

“Explorer” channel was shown a programm about American soldiers in Iraq and was asking what music do they listen during the war. I saw that every single soldier had a music in his years and every single car and tank equiped with music transmitters. But here’s a problem – different music holds different feelings. Soldiers listening to “Hatebreed” the listen heavy “gangsta rap” they listen to “hardcore newmetal” they listen to all kinda aggressive music. “Well, thank you, you helped me to kill, you made my way to hell a little bit easier…”

So we can see a kind of hard situation in our world, being a white guy means to be nerdy. Black music, I mean as they call it “GANGsta Rap” holds inside totally wrong values. We can see a lot of music video where the cool black guy shows his muscles shaking his money and lot of women shaking their humps. And children see it and they think that having a lot of money makes you cool and it helps to have lot’s of respect women and so on. Another video try’s to tell us that it’s coll to go so-called “candy shop” where a lot of prostitut’s will make you a tough one. Please stop! Where’s “money can’t buy me a love…”?

Stop wasting your life on a bad music.